Setting The Record Straight

The LEDP has been informed that some residents and businesses have received outreach regarding the LEDP’s good standing status with the Secretary of State’s office. There is an allegation that the LEDP is not in good standing due to the LEDP being found in violation of transparency laws. This accusation is incorrect and the LEDP invites any concerned resident or business to reach out to us directly to discuss the situation.  We can be reached at

It is important that we clarify the situation so it is not taken out of context.  The LEDP’s Good Standing Status is in the process of being renewed.  This is a typical business renewal with the State of Illinois which in this situation was due on August 1 but was not completed on time due to a lack of notification.

That filing for Good Standing requests the name of the board members, a list of the board officers, the principal address of the organization, and a brief description of the organization’s mission.

It is important to know that another entity originally filed the documents for the LEDP in 2020 and the notice to renew was sent to another office. Executive Director Corinna Cole was notified on August 17th that the LEDP’s annual renewal was due and took immediate action to resolve the issue. The LEDP expects to receive verification of renewal by the State of Illinois in a few days.